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We are experts at data append & enhance. We offer discounts for bulk processing.

We act as a behind the scenes data processing department for other data companies.

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Update BLOG  

2nd September 2015

A new version of this site is going live today. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

27th July 2015

Our new website is used by school children, 6th formers, university students and graduates and helps them find the right university/course and post graduation employer. Information on Ofgel is based on feedback from over 650,000 graduates.

20th July 2015

Introducing the website for information on the top 10,000 companies that recruit graduates based on employment survey responses from over 650,000 graduates.

2nd January 2015

Happy New Year from all at Oblong

17nd December 2014

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Our offices will be shut from the 19th December to the 5th January. Please note we will be moving offices during this time, see our contacts page for our new contact details. If during this time you need to get in touch please email us on

22nd September 2014

We can tidy up your existing customer or mailing database. We are experts in cleaning, matching, appending and de-duplicating business data. Our cutting edge Unity matching software combined with our Oracle programming skills allows us to meet the demands of even the most demanding project.

22nd July 2014

Our Premium Business Data is showing itself to be the top choice for our clients, when (free) samples are tested against data from our standard data the premium data always out performs, so much so that 90%+ of our data sales are for the premium data. Because of this we have decided to restrict the sales of our standard data to online purchases only, we have also decided to stop maintaining the email addresses in this database. This data can be still purchased at a discount online through this link it is still a good offering for those on a tight budget.

19th May 2014

As a data broker we constantly review the data offerings of UK data companies; we are confident that our premium business list is the best in the UK. Why? Mainly because the whole database has been telephone researched within the last 10 months.

10th March 2014

We have rolled our February offers over until the end of March.  Contact us to find out how we can help you with your marketing data needs.

12th February 2014

From now until the end of February Oblong are offering discounts on all of our data, products and services.  Feel free to call us to discover how we could save you money.

6th January 2014

Happy New Year from all at Oblong, we hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to working with you this year.

6th December 2013

We will be closing for Christmas at 1pm on the 20th December and will re-open on the 6th January. During this time if you need to get hold of us please send an email to our email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

30th October 2013

We have moved into our new offices. Our phone lines are operational again, apologies for any inconvenience.

24th October 2013

Next week we move into our new offices, our new phone lines are being installed and re-directed on Wednesday 30th - Thursday 31st there should be minimal downtime but we have been told there will be some. Please email us on if you experience any issues calling.

27th September 2013

Following our office move at the end of October our main telephone number will remain the same.

20th September 2013

We are moving offices during October and will be relocated from 1st November.   Look out for our new address details on the website nearer the time.  

29th August 2013

We have checked hundreds of thousands of websites and now have a fresh list of companies with e-commerce facilities on their website. This list is available to purchase for £180+VAT per thousand records. For this you get company name, address, telephone number, contact name, emails, SIC codes, employee sizes and much more. Let us know if this is of interest.

30th July 2013

We have decided to keep the discounted price on our count and download tool for the foreseeable future. We are also working very hard on improving this tool with a new version to be released in early august. If you can’t find the right business data on the download tool drop us a line and we’ll see if we’ve got what you need in one of our other company databases.

15th July 2013

We now have email addresses on 300,000 UK businesses, available to buy using our count and download tool in the data section of the website.

5th July 2013

Our email address database continues to grow as we research and verify more contacts.  This consists purely of business emails, no @hotmail, @gmail, @btconnect etc which you often see in business email databases.

24th June 2013

We are very pleased to announce that business lists with email addresses are now available to download (still at a discount) from our website using our Data count and download tool. We have a lot more email data to add, we are in the process of verifying the data before putting it live, over the next few weeks the volumes of email addresses will keep increasing.

20th June 2013

From next week we will be offering business email addresses from 2 different business email sources. Our premium data that we have been selling for years (the best email data we have found) and our standard data which will be made available at a discount through our Data count and download tool.

4th June 2013

Half price data sale continues... Our business Data count and download page is still offering half price data and now has a minimum order value of just £5+VAT. Create your business list then purchase and download your list of companies directly through the website. New functionality coming soon.

7th May 2013

Half price data sale now on... Have you tried our business Data count and download tool? Refine your data count then purchase and download your list of companies directly through the website. For a limited period the data in our B2B data count and download tool is available at half our list price (£60+VAT per thousand records).

5th  April 2013

Our latest newsletter will be available next week. Email us on if you wish to receive a copy. This issue gives an insight into UK business sectors and how they are coping through the recession.

5th  April 2013

Our latest newsletter will be available next week. Email us on if you wish to receive a copy. This issue gives an insight into UK business sectors and how they are coping through the recession.

4th  March 2013

Today we launched our company data count and download portal. You can access this portal under the data menu on our main page. This tool will allow anyone quick access to bespoke data lists created from one of our most popular business databases.

3rd January 2013

Happy New Year. Our offices are open and it is back to business as usual. We have new special offers; so if your require any of our services from SIC coding through to the purchase of business data then please get in touch.

19th December 2012:

Our offices will be closed from 2pm on the 21st December and will re-open on Thursday 3rd January. We will be monitoring our email address over the holidays and will respond to any urgent requests.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

6th December 2012:

We will soon be putting our office Christmas decorations up we are a starting to feel very festive.

30th October 2012:

Our company data download shop is now live, there are about 5,000 data products available for download and we will soon be adding more.

25th October 2012:

Our company data download shop is now fully functional and will be launching next week, we are in the process of uploading many thousands of data products.

18th October 2012:

Information on SIC2007 and ISIC is steadily increasing on

2nd October 2012:

Our new web resources has been registered and we are beginning the job of uploading information.  It aims to be a source of information for all SIC Code structures used in the UK and internationally.  There is so much information we have had to recruit more staff to populate it.

4th September 2012:

Our website, a source of information on UK SIC codes, now has a SIC Finder tool.  If you're looking for just a few SIC codes for UK companies you can type in the company name or description and it will provide you with the SIC code.  You don't have to sign up to the website, and it saves you from searching around for just a few SIC codes.

17th August 2012:

After several technical hitches particularly with phone lines and broadband we are finally fully functional in our new offices.  They are very smart, new carpet and fresh paint!

1st August 2012:

Office move under way.  Furniture and equipment set up.  Phone lines and broadband not functional as it has turned out to be more complicated than our supplier expected.  Wireless connection very slow!

27th July 2012:

Good news, we have won the government contract we were tendering for, beating off the competition with our innovative, bespoke approach to SIC coding data.

20th July 2012:

In preparation for the office move on 1st August we have new office furniture and equipment on order.  Let's hope it all goes smoothly on the day.

17th July 2012:

First client meeting at our new offices although we haven't officially moved in yet, went well.

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A few of our clients

E.on, SITA, Severn Trent, TalkTalk,

University of Sheffield, The Reed Group,

Johnston Press, Hilton Hotels.

Email Marketing Data

A low cost way to get your message out fast
  • Low cost
  • Fast distribution
  • Direct to senior decision Makers
  • Follow up postal campaigns
  • Less time intensive
We have personal email addresses for the senior decision maker of over 700,000 UK company sites.

Updated on a 10 month cycle.

Direct Mail Data

It's hard to ignore something sitting on your desk
  • Direct to the decision maker
  • Good quality look and feel impresses
  • Days to distribute
  • Less likely to be ignored
  • Higher cost
  • Less time intensive

Contact the senior decision makers of up to 1.5 million UK company sites.

All updated on a 10 month cycle.

Telemarketing Data

Direct contact for that personal touch
  • Direct to the decision maker
  • Personal touch
  • Less likely to be ignored
  • Follow up your postal/email campaigns
  • Time intensive

We have senior decision maker contact names and telephone numbers for over 1.4 million UK company sites.

All updated on a 10 month cycle.

Add SIC codes to your data

Using our full process we SIC code 99% of most databases

The process:
  1. Your data is matched to our company data and SIC coded
  2. AutoSIC recognises keywords and adds more SIC's
  3. Manual sanity check of automated work (recommended)
  4. Manually infill the missing codes (optional)

We SIC code millions of company records a year.

Our manual SIC coders perform up to 3 internet searches to find enough information about a company and then apply the best SIC code