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We offer a FREE SIC coding sample service; we will put a portion of your data
through our automated services for free. This will show you the true quality of our
work, especially if you compare our work to our competitors.

We have never come across a situation where a competitor has added
more SIC codes to business data than us!

As a secondary special offer we will also enhance your data with an employee
Banding, modelled turnover and a region flag so you can analyse your data by
SIC code, company size and region. There is no additional cost, you pay for the
SIC coding and you receive the extra data elements for free.

We have added Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes to an amazing 99%
of all the business records we have ever put through our full SIC coding system
(when including manual coding).
Our method...

 Match incoming client data to our 6+ million business universe
(live and ceased trading) and append SIC codes where found.

 AutoSIC the unmatched records to add more UK SIC codes.
For some companies you can tell what they do from their name. Our
software AutoSIC utilises millions of words and statistics to add an SIC
code with a high degree of confidence just from a company name.

 We offer a manual sanity check to improve automated results, this involves
us manually looking through weaker parts of the data manually improving the SIC
codes generated by the earlier automated processes.

 Manually add UK SIC codes for any records without a company SIC code.
We perform up to 3 internet searches for each business that still needs an
SIC code, where we find the business on the internet and can establish
what they do we add the SIC code.
SIC Coding is our bread and butter we process
millions of records a year. If you want quantity
and quality, then we are the only option!
Download company SIC  codes & Conversion tables:

Full SIC 2003 Lookup table
Full SIC 2007 Lookup table
2 Digit SIC 2003 Lookup table
2 Digit SIC 2007 Lookup table
3 Digit SIC 2003 Lookup table
4 Digit 2003 to 1980 SIC conversion table

Feel free to download and use these documents
for your internal use. Whilst we have made
every effort to ensure their accuracy,
Oblong (UK) Ltd is not responsible for any issues
that arise from their use.
Append SIC Codes Append SIC codes

We offer an automated SIC coding service

with options for a manual quality check

and/or to manually code the rest

Append SIC Codes
Append SIC Codes - SIC Coding - SIC Enhance - SIC Append